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CLICK on a page to ZOOM IN and SHOP
Shopping the School Specialty catalog online is quick and easy!

Navigate the digital catalog in 4 easy ways:
1 Click the Next Next or Next Previous buttons located at the top of each page to turn the pages
2 If you know where the item is located in the book, you can jump directly to the desired page by entering the number in the navigation bar above and clicking Page Go!
3 Not sure where to start? Enter the product name, short description or item number in the search box in the navigation bar above and click Page Go! Example: Toner
4 Use the Index to locate the item. Then click on the page number and jump directly to that page. (Note: Index not available in all catalogs)

Resize the page for easy viewing:
> Click directly on any page to zoom inZoom In and begin shopping. Click the zoom inZoom In again for an even closer view.
> Click zoom outZoom Out to restore the page view to the original size.

Add items to your cart:
1 Click directly on any page to zoom inZoom In. Item links are not active at the fully zoomed out view.
2 Click on an item number to add it to your cart.
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